Friday, July 15

Fashion + Animals Pt. 2


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Thursday, July 14

Go to School.

School starts up next month (at least for me). I am getting really excited because I took about a year and a half off to figure out what I wanted to do. Now that I finally know, I am beyond excited to get back into that atmosphere, meet new people, make good grades, and most of all, graduate!
Are you in school?
What are you studying?
What do you want to do with your major?

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Tuesday, July 12

Fashion + Animals Pt. 1

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Monday, July 11

Shoe Whore.

Jeffrey. I love you.

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Friday, July 8

Blog Award Winners

Ok, I have been SO busy lately with being on my vacation and getting prepared for school and work, that I totally forgot to post my winners for the One Lovely Blog Award. So here is my list and please check them out because these bloggers are amazing and have so much creativity and spunk it astounds me!

Dainty & Delish
Chocolate London Girl
Fanga Danga Chic
His Glambition
Spunky Chateau
Make Up by Tejahn Burnett
The Cray-Cray
Wilma Jean's Blog
Of This Ilk

Congrats y'all!


Florida: Final Days

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