About the Blogger.

        Audriana knew from a very young age that she wasn't supposed to fit in. Not only could she not keep any good friends, she was tall and black, only making her stick out more. Through out elementary, Jr. high, and high school, she did everything possible to become part of the "in-crowd" like excelling in sports, her education, and social activities, but nothing seemed to fall through. After taking a year off from college to find out what she truly wanted to do with her life, she realized that she had a greater calling: a calling that would allow her to  do what she loved and stick out like a sore thumb. She now knew she did not have be the "ideal" or follow the "norm" to succeed in life. All she had to do was be herself, and so she did that. Now she is a full-time student majoring in international business and minoring in anthropology with plans to travel the world, eat great food, meet awesome influential people, and die knowing she lived life to the fullest. She has come to terms that she will always be the purple wolf among pretty sheep.

About the Blog.

          Purple Wolf Pretty Sheep is a lifestyle blog that promotes well-being, fashion, beauty, art, music, and food. Ultimately, I want to recognize people, products and companies who dare to be different and are excelling while doing so. I will also document my personal life and journey of becoming the ultimate person I aim to be while encouraging you, me readers, to do the same as well. I feel that it is very commendable for people and our society to not follow trends and just be themselves. Like myself, I want to reach out to those people who feel like a "purple wolf among pretty sheep" and show them that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.

*Disclaimer: None of the products or services posted on my blog were promoted due to compensation by the company; all posts are because of a personal experience or opinion.
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