Wednesday, June 29

Melon + Gold

I leave for Florida in two days so I decided to do my nails today because it is soooooo much cheaper than getting them done every other week. It took FOREVER, not only because I suck ass at painting my own nails, but because I could not decide what color to paint my nails. I have emotional attachment to everything I own and it's really hard for me to make a decision between two things because even though they are inanimate objects......I don't want to hurt there feelings (which may be the 1st step of becoming a hoarder. TLC here I come.) But I finally made my decision and chose two colors: Heli-yum from China Glaze (the pink one) and Rage from Orly (the shimmery one). These color looked perfect against my skin tone because I get dark with red undertones in the summer, where as in winter I am a lot lighter with almost yellow undertones....*sigh*....the benefits of being mixed. Anyways, the bright melon color looked awesome and I put the shimmery color on each of my ring fingers. 
Hope you like!


  1. ugh i know all about being completely miserable at painting my own nails.. i was doing the shellac for a while but the price of that really sneaks up on you! anyway, love the skull ring and great blog! have fun in FL

  2. Yup....that is why I started doing my own nail. At the end of the month I'd be like, "didn't I have $60?" lol Thanks!! I love rings....and I plan on having fun lol I will post pictures


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